Back on Het Gesprek

Well, only a month ago I posted about the ending of my cooperation with TV-channel Het Gesprek. But things changed. co-host Ronnie Overgoor and the editors of PitchTalk decided the show was better with me also at the table ;-) An honour I couldn’t refuse clearly. So, from coming week, I’ll be back on the screen doing my stuff with Ronnie again. I’m looking forward to it. We changed the format slightly, so the news-of-the-week I’ll bring in, will be focussing on our guest-of-the-week.

No more Pitchtalks…

Last Tuesday I did my last gig at Het Gesprek. The new program-director reshuffled the programming and this included the end of my sidekicks in Pitchtalk. Ronnie Overgoor and I had Erik de Zwart as guest in a very entertaining and interesting talk. I think it’s a pity because in my opinion our format was dynamic and variated. Well, so much for my experience with TV. I did learn some important lessons though! I wish Het Gesprek all the best. The initiative deserves more viewers. Please guys: do consider more ‘on demand’ oriented concepts!

Hans Hillen in PitchTalk


Coming Tuesday (January 8th) Ronnie Overgoor and me will have Hans Hillen in PitchTalk (our weekly TV-talk on Het Gesprek). Hans is chairman of the Dutch Center for Brand and Communication and member of the Senate (Dutch Parliament). We will (try to) discuss the current status on restrictions on commercial communications that were brought up in 2007 and without a doubt will also show up in 2008. Advertising targeted at children should be banned. Commercials for loans, gambling games and paid phone lines (read: sex) should be banned… And so on. Whatever happened to Freedom of Commercial Speech? We will discuss this with Hans Hillen. I hope you will watch and please deliver input before coming Tuesday!