Photoblog completely redone


The last few days I was ill. Nothing serious, but a rather severe case of sinusitis. While laying in bed, I remade my photoblog SilentShutter. Instead of using MovableType as CMS, I switched to PixelPost. The latter is more focussed on publishing photos. Also the amount of comment-spam I received with MT was that bad that I switched off the option of commenting. But I started SilentShutter (also) in order to receive comment, so this was a bad situation… I tweaked an existing template (changed some things in the CSS-files) and loaded some old and newer photos. It is up and running now and I am happy with it. Some more work need to be done, but this will probably need to wait for another illness ;-)

Kuler: cool colortool from Adobe

With Kuler, Adobe Labs present a cool colorpicker-tool. Not only the tool itself is cool. The website it is presented on also: very Web 2.0… In fact: the website *is* the tool. The color-schemes you create here (or were created by others) can be downloaded as an Adobe Swatch Exchange-file. To be used in programs like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Kuler is bringen known color-schemers like Color Schemer Gallery and Daily Color Scheme to a new level. Also see here.