Getting back on the GTD-train

I must admit: my GTD routine was a bit low the last month. In fact that is rather strange. Because last month was rather busy. You would say that a strict GTD-routine should have helped to overcome such a periode. But this is proof for me, that my intentions with GTD were just that: intentions (the best of them!) The routine didn’t sink in deep enough to make it second nature. And this is what Ben Tiggelaar is writing/talking/ranting about in his latest publications: to actually change one’s behaviour a lot of very consious and hard work need to be done. After that is all is simple… Because you drilled yourself in a way that the new behaviour became second nature.

Well, my earlier GTD-efforts learned me a lot however. Lessons I can apply now I’m getting back on the train again. The main reason for this – apart from a nagging frustration because I┬áknew things weren’t on track – was the introduction to ThinkingRock ( An Australian (JAVA)applications that runs on my Mac as well as on my PC. It follows the GTD-workflow rather strict and helps me in gathering all things ”IN” in a better, more natural way.

Because this I found to be the hardest in learning and developing GTD-techniques: how to get to a solid, unique and always and everywhere working “INBOX”? How did you fellow GTD-ers manage that?

Change of Scenery