SocialStrategy Talk #1 on Crowdsourcing

Yesterday I visited the first SST on crowdsourcing. The organisors (Sogeti’s VINT and CreativeCrowds) lined up two speakers: Menno Douwes (director legislation of the Ministry of Justice) and Jeff Howe (author of the book and ‘inventor’ of the term crowdsourcing). While Douwes’ talk was rather boring in form, the content was rather interesting. The Dutch government is going to crowdsource all it’s future legislation. To be clear: the normal procedures in which a new law is formed will not be altered. But in the consuling phase, crowdsourcing already proofed to be a welcome addition to other form of consulting.

Jeff Howe was the typical American keynote: relaxed, jetlagged and a good storyteller. One of the insights I gathered from his speech is one of the important things in crowdsourcing: the diversity of the individual members in the crowd. Also, his answer to a question was interesting: while asked if crowdsourcing was about finding the five needles in the haystack, Howe answered: “It is more a thing of not knowing wether or not you need a needle to solve a problem. Then looking at what kind of needles show up in the process.”

Compliment to the people who organised this meeting. Please read on at the appropiate places:

SocialStrategyTalk (Dutch)

Multi-language: English and Dutch

Finally I found a plugin that was rather easy to install. So now DR | ADV is bi-lingual. I will not translate all the content at once. But once in a while I will translate the postings to Dutch. New postings will be in both languages from scratch.

Back on Het Gesprek

Well, only a month ago I posted about the ending of my cooperation with TV-channel Het Gesprek. But things changed. co-host Ronnie Overgoor and the editors of PitchTalk decided the show was better with me also at the table ;-) An honour I couldn’t refuse clearly. So, from coming week, I’ll be back on the screen doing my stuff with Ronnie again. I’m looking forward to it. We changed the format slightly, so the news-of-the-week I’ll bring in, will be focussing on our guest-of-the-week.