Snowy conditions

Snowy conditions

Today we were surprised with rather snowy conditions. The snapshot doesn’t show it, but roads are slippery and the scenery is romantic. During Eastern, we had similar conditions (also see here). But these were ‘days off’. Today everybody had to get to work again. Result: 99 traffic jams with a combined length of over 600 km… After one hour ‘driving’ I decided to turn and work from home. The snapshot is a view from my working room.

Installed iWPhone plugin

Today I installed the iWPhone plugin from Content.Robot. This little thingy makes my blog better visible on iPhone’s Safari browser. Installation took 5 minutes. This included checking if it works. And it does! When an iPhone-owner now visits the special theme is used to make the blog better readable. All images are left out however…

Nozbe is my favorite GTD-tool

Recently I found out about Nozbe. I think it was via the fine website of Frank Meeuwsen. Nozbe is now my favorite GTD-collection tool. Because it sits in my iGoogle start screen, I can easily and on-the-fly (crucial!) input things to remember. It also has an iPhone specific web application than can be checked everywhere. To keep it short: I’m a fan.