The CEO-event: Gates and Jobs meet up

gatesjobs.jpgIt is presented in the Blogosphere as an event of the year: the joint appearance of Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft). Already in February the blogs started buzzing about this happening. “Somewhere between May 29 and May 31…” This might be the result of Jobs’ carefully planned PR-machine (the man is a natural on this). Either the reason, the effect is that their respective followers act upon this event as it is the final election debate of two presidential candidates… Gates and Jobs will both (at the same time) appear at the All Things Digital Conference that takes place today. During the unrehearsed on-stage conversation Gates and Jobs will briefly discuss the history and future of the digital revolution. The conversation will take place with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. Jobs will also be hosting his own individual session to discuss the iPhone and other developments at Apple. Hey, business after pleasure!

Update (May 31st): The event happened at May 30st. The report and some clips can be found here. Starting with the interactive “coffee table” named Surface, Bill Gates presented. We know this thing already for almost two years. Watch Jeff Han’s presentation at TED Talk, February 2006: