Weebly: websites for the masses

weebly.gifWith the different weblog-tools available nowadays, anyone can create a website in just a few days. But people already online exaggerate the technological knowledge of people who do not yet publish online. Now Weebly brings the DIY-possibilities to the next level. By simply clicking and dragging you can create your website. Add content and there you go! Although you are limited to a few design templates, this will do for people who are now still intimidated by the technical nitty-and-gritty of WordPress, ExpressionEngine, TextPattern, MovableType and alike.

Bill Gates declares dead of Yellow Pages

According to Bill Gates, technology will advance so far for local advertising that when voice and data truly combine on mobile phones, the usage of venerable yellow page directories to find businesses will be near zero for anyone under 50.

That might be news to publishers who drop hefty books full of business listings at doorsteps all over the country each year. Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates, speaking at the company’s Strategic Advertising Summit, told attendees the age of the print directory has been numbered. Read more