Widgets advertisionalized?

Widgets are being turned into advertising delivery systems. Their nature – rich media applicatons that are easy to build, customize and add to a site – also make them an attractive way to add advertising to small sites. Google is now testing gadget ads, and we’ve written about services like boobox and AuctionAds (a sponsor) that easily ad affiliate advertising to a site via widgets. Last week eBay also launched “to go” widgets that let publishers embed ebay listings into websites, although for now there are no affiliate payments tied to those widgets.

source: TechCrunch. Read the whole article here.

Everything 2.0

2_0.gifIt looks like the world is busy trying to get to a next evolutionary phase. It might also just be something that is related to the time of the year: spring. In The Netherlands (don’t know if this is the same elsewhere) spring is the time of year when you clean house. It comes to me that this now is going on in a much more diverse way: everything is 2.0 nowadays. Companies are re-defining themselves and call that “Companyname 2.0″. Trends die before to really become a trend and relive again as Trend 2.0. Advertising is dead! But now there is Advertising 2.0. Even PR is not what it was. Be ready for PR 2.0 (in Dutch, article on Marketingfacts)!
In fact 2.0 always stands for the “new” and “upcoming”. And always opposite 1.0: the way things are done today. Somehow I feel a bubble coming up (again…)