Contact centers only cost

Satisfaction of call centre customers may be going down hill. While the Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report 2006 highlighted that contact centres were putting call centre customers first by addressing service levels as a priority. The preliminary findings for the 2007 Benchmarking Report cast doubt on this commitment.
The 2007 report indicates that there has been a significant decrease in the levels of customer satisfaction, regardless of location, with the overall score down to 68.3% from 82% in the previous report.
The highest decrease in satisfaction was in Asia-Pacific where satisfaction fell from 84% to 61.9%, a staggering 22.1%. North America didn’t fare much better with customer satisfaction levels falling 21.1%. In Europe customer satisfaction levels fell 8.6%, with the lowest fall being recorded in Africa and Middle East with a 7.7% decrease in customer satisfaction. The same report also shows that a good 60% of all companies look at their contact/call centers as fee-burning activities. So: all word and no play? The truth is: you can actually learn from customers that make the call. And then acting upon that knowledge might save one or more pennies in other departments…


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