Flash on a diet: for mobile phones.

Adobe Systems plans to launch mobile technology today that could revolutionize how we watch video on our cell phones. The company is making it possible to put Flash Video technology — used by the likes of YouTube and Google to create easy-to-view Internet pages — on the company’s updated Flash Lite software for mobile phones.

The technology -expected to be available by this summer and by the name Flash Lite- will give webdevelopers a chance to transfer their video inventions to mobile phones and could eventually make it faster and easier to watch games and animation on your cell phone. The phone will become a miniature version of a computer, eliminating the need for the flat wireless access points, or WAPs, that have become familiar to mobile users downloading Internet sites.

(source: MercuryNews)

Marktplaats introduces ‘Mapview’

Dutch classified-site (and EBay-owned) Marktplaats, introduces ‘Mapview’ today. This is interesting because apparently people want to see what is offered locally. First sites like this gave us transparancy in all offerings on a wide geographical scale. Now we get inspired by things we did not (yet) know we might need (pun intended!), simply because the seller is nearby. There is also an interesting social component to this: I, for example, didn’t know my neighbour is selling his rather new Mercedes-Benz for only € 40.000! Now that’s a story at the schoolyard tomorrow!

SMS Firewall: finally!

I do not know if it’s a problem in other countries, but when travelling in Europe you cannot ignore it: SMS Spam! Mainly by all the different telecom-operators that give you a truly hartwarming “Welcome” on their network. Including a commercial message. Imagine this (based on a true story): travelling by car from The Netherlands to Austria for a short skitrip. Four men in one car. All equipped with their mobile phone. Crossing the Dutch/German border… Four mobiles start beeping like hell. And after a few minutes two recieve another ‘Welcome’-SMS. Then again while crossing the German/Austrian border. Did I mention the SMS-messages within Germany? Anyhow, this will come to an end.

Because CM Technology presented their SMS Firewall yesterday on tradefair 3GSM in Barcelona, Spain. There is only one problem… Read the official launch-text:

The patent pending Regulatory SMS Firewall monitors every text message that is sent by companies to consumers and checks whether these message comply with all legal rules and regulations. Messages that do not comply, will be blocked for the recipient. End users of operators that have implemented the system, will no more have the nuisance of unwanted spam at their mobile phones.

You see: “End users of operators that have implemented the system….” Fact is, that 99% of SMS Spam comes *from* the operators… I’d like a SMS Firewall that is user-configurable. Pretty please?!